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Summer Sale Live Now | $100 Off on Orders $2,000 + | Use Code PARTNERUSA
The Ultimate Guide to Murphy Beds: What Are They and What Are their Benefits?

The Ultimate Guide to Murphy Beds: What Are They and What Are their Benefits?


A good comfy bed is one of life’s little luxuries that can improve your mental and physical health. Finding the right bed can be tricky- especially if you don’t have much room. A small living space shouldn’t disqualify anyone from getting a great night’s sleep- and it doesn’t have to.


The idea of a space-saving bed has been around for a while, and the Murphy Bed is the king of them all. Here is everything you need to know about these innovative sleeping solutions and how they could benefit you. 


What Is a Murphy Bed?


In a nutshell, a murphy bed is a bed that folds up into a wall or cabinet. Rather than having a floor base, the mattress is built onto a folding mechanism that lets you quickly and easily hide it away, leaving the area free when the bed is not in use. 


Another common name for Murphy Beds is pull-down beds. They are particularly popular for studio apartments, guest rooms, mobile homes, and lofts. 


Types of Murphy Bed


Now that you have a basic idea of what the Murphy Bed design is all about, here are a few variations on the theme. 


Murphy Wall Bed


The wall bed is the classic Murphy Bed design. This is when the mattress and folding mechanism are mounted directly onto the wall. They can be recessed if installed during construction or added with custom fittings afterward. 


From the outside, when folded up, they can look like shelving or storage- or sometimes people display artwork on the exterior to disguise the bed. If you have it fitted especially, there are all sorts of clever ways you can hide it or integrate it into the rest of the space. 


Murphy Cabinet Beds


Cabinet beds are the ideal solution for anyone who can’t (or doesn’t want to) mount their Murphy directly onto the wall. Maybe your space is rented, or the supporting wall is not strong enough- it doesn’t matter because there is an alternative. 


A Murphy Cabinet Bed is a stand-alone contraption that looks like a normal wardrobe or cabinet. The mattress is stored inside it and supported independently. It is the better choice for anyone who wants the freedom to move it around if they change their room design later. 


Horizontal Murphy Bed


Most Murphy Beds pull down vertically, so they fold down from top to bottom. In rooms with really limited space, having the full length of a matter pull-down may not be possible, which is where a horizontal wall bed comes in handy. 


These are great for single beds but also work for doubles. The mattress folds up on its side, so less space is needed for sleeping. It also means it doesn’t take up as much vertical wall space- which is handy in mobile homes or lofts with low ceilings. 


Murphy Bed with Desk


Multi-tasking is officially in, and so is multi-functional furniture. Depending on the style of Murphy Bed you choose, you could have one that functions as a desk during the day. They are usually horizontal fixtures with the desk that folds out once you fold the bed away. 


More people work from home now than ever- and having a spacious home-office setup is known to improve productivity. Trying to compete with a bed in the same space is tricky- so combine the two!


Murphy Bed with Sofa


Looking for a creative way to add more guest sleeping space to your home? You guessed it- Murphy Beds! You don’t need to sacrifice a stylish, comfortable living room area for the sake of a seldom-used guest bed- just get a Murphy Bed with sofa combo. 


To the untrained eye, they look like any other cozy sofa with some shelving and storage behind- but one quick pull, and it converts to a comfy bed fit for honored guests. 


This can also be called a sectional Murphy Bed. Sectional beds have some shelving that stays against the wall, and the bed pulls down from just one section. It is ideal for any room that wants to keep the living space feel and doesn’t have much additional storage. 


What Are the Benefits of Murphy Beds?


  • This space-saving bed gives you the freedom to live in your area comfortably during the day and sleep even more comfortably at night. 
  • It is perfect for guests and means you don’t need to waste space all year round for a few nights worth of visits. 
  • They are discreet and stylish and can blend into and room design.
  • You don’t have to alter your home or walls if you opt for a cabinet bed instead of a wall bed. 
  • The mattress is kept safe and clean when tucked away, so it lasts longer and stays more hygienic. 
  • It only takes a few minutes to have your bed set up and ready.
  • They allow so much more versatility in smaller homes.
  • You can use them for other things when they are not folded down- including desk space, storage, TV stands, and seating areas. 


Top Murphy Bed Brands


There are a lot of great Murphy Beds out there to suit every type of living space. Night and Day Furniture and Maxima House are two of the best brands that offer versatile pull-down bed designs for every situation. 


Final Thoughts


Feeling cramped and restricted in your living space can get pretty depressing and interfere with your quality of life. Beds are one of those things we all need, but we don’t all have the free space for the size and quality we deserve. 


Murphy Beds change all that. Whether you just bought your first studio and are struggling to fit your busy life around your bed, or you want to free up that unused guest bedroom in your house for other purposes but don’t want to lose the sleeping space- this versatile space-saving solution is the way to go. 


Consider whether a mounted wall bed or standalone cabinet bed is the best option, and think about how to get the best out of all that extra space- thanks to your new Murphy Bed.



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