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Memorial Day Sale Event | 10% Off Site Wide | Use Code MEMORIAL

Customer Reviews

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Parts come in the wrong sizes. No customer service response as of yet

Boards are too long or too short and do not follow the plans and assembly guidelines. You may have to cut boards yourself. I haven't yet figure out how to stretch a board that was provided too short. Can't find my board stretcher.

Very comfortable

Five star

I love this fire place, performances wise i don’t know most of the feature yet, but over all it is up to my expectation level!

Tropic Spa 3 person tub

Hi, I purchased this tub back in early 2023, and at first I was nervous as heck because not only this was the first time to own my very own hot tub, but I was asking myself if this was a good product.

Well, I made the perfect purchase for me and my family, we love all the beautiful features, the total comfort, it is strong, silent when running, and since I'm in real-estate means I am always on my feet.

In short I would and have recommended this to anyone for the above mentioned reasons and even more.

Thank you Tropic Spa.

Great lift system

I purchased 4 of these for a home we are developing. The installation went well, Elegant Home helped us find a competent installer in our area. It's a nice lift and I like that the remote can be used for all 3 units

no working installation links on site

online install manual link?

Fantastic Wall-bed

We just got our new Leto Muro Queen Size Wall Bed with Desk and 2 Towers in White and we love it. It is so well made, sturdy and so beautiful. The desk is amazing. As your opening the bed the desk goes under the bed in an upright position so you don’t have to clear the desk off when using the bed. In the towers the top pull out is like a night stand so you can set a drink and your glasses on. The best part is when your finished using the bed it tucks away nice and neat. I just love this beautiful wall-bed.

Valencia Tuscany XL Single Home Theater Seating
Michael Katzenbach
Tuscany XL single Home Theater chair

I ordered a XL chair so my grand son could sit with me I had a extra large chair but the foam let go and I had a bar in my back this chair was delivered by fedex I had to take in my home and set it up the set up was pretty easy but the chair only fits me and I order a shelf to go on the chair it took almost 25 days to get the shelf and several emails to get it it’s here and works well the foam in the chair is a lot sturdier the mechanism is faster then the old chair

Still waiting

I’m still waiting for elegant home to finish my order. I received the chair but not the table that goes on the arm I contacted elegant home and I’m still waiting for a reply on we’re the table might be?

I like the design system but there are some kinks to work-out. I actually purchased 4 units, but will only be able to fit 3 in my garage. The 4th unit still hasn't been delivered so if it hasn't already been sent I'd like to cancel shipment.

The initial leveling took a long time (primarily because the motor would stop working and needed to cool down for a lengthy period of time before I could resume adjustments.

I've found also that the platforms get un-level if the weight isn't very carefully balanced. Your support person in my (805) area code has been helpful.

I'll continue to work with them and if I have any ideas for improvement I'll let you know.

Everything fine

Delivered and installed in a record time (4 days) Impeccable product and professional installation. Thank you.

Nice quality and finish.

Good quality, great finish and much cheaper than the competition. I’m pretty sure it was made by the same manufacturer as the competition’s. I saved a $100 so I’m happy.

Great Packaging

Just as advertised, shipped on time and very well packaged.

Valencia Tuscany XL Single Home Theater Seating
Clifford Denton
Chair is nice

Love the chair, but honestly if you are looking for this find a retailer that gives you a tray table with it for free, because this retailer doesn't.

Awesome murphy wall bed!

Barn lift

Have not been able to get someone to install

Broken Firebricks

Stove is excellent. However, be sure to check inside stove and make sure all of your firebricks are good. I checked stove upon receipt- then noticed 3 firebricks broken. Company agreed to replace- sent 1 wrong size brick and 1 brick was broken. Of the three replacements only one was useable. Hassle.

Quick delivery

Lift arrived from UPS within a week. I had it professionally assembled and it works great. I am removing majority of my shelving units in my garage to create a home gym and this storage lift is the perfect solution

Direction reader and follower required

Direction are straight forward and all would have gone well had we hired a handyman that would have followed them. After correcting most of the errors and call tech support. We got it running.
The left side seems to slip. I’ve had to adjust the weight load three time. I could not find a mention of load balance, but I feel it to be a major concern. I still need time to get a full comfort to the Auxx.

Excellent product and service

Product arrived sooner than expected. Helped me save 2000$ replacing entire grill because all 5 knives broke and it was hard to find the replacement knob anywhere else.

I almost made a decision to get rid of my grill until I find this website.

Mjkone Modern Murphy Cabinet Bed Queen Size with USB Charging Station and Foldable Mattress
Beautiful Murphy Bed Cube!!

This product was exactly as advertised. The company kept me informed on the progress of the shipping of the boxes. Notice I said two boxes!! When the first box came and there were clearly not enough pats, I called customer service and a very nice lady reminded me there were two shipping numbers provided in the previous emails. The next day the other box arrived. The product is all wood and not fiberboard. The only thing that was a problem was one of the parts did not have all the holes it needed. That was easily solved by my husband and his power drill. I woud highly recommend using a power screw driver or else plan on taking extra time putting it together. We were able to complete the assembly in about 4 hours. We have had numerous comments on how nice it looks. I highly recommend this copany and product. I would buy another one if I had a place for it.

Love this murphy bed

First and foremost, the modern design and the grey color of this Murphy bed immediately caught my eye. I wanted a murphy bed for when my son visits from college so I was rushed to pick something that would match my interiors. Problem solved to say the least. The ability to customize the configuration with the chaise for the sofa on either the left or right side is also a brilliant feature. Thanks Alvin for keeping me updated on the delivery.

good quality

The design is rock-solid. We decided to enhance its comfort by adding a three-inch mattress topper, making it extra cozy and plush. It's incredibly easy to set up; all you need to do is pull out the base and unfold the bed onto the platform. We opted for this as a solution in our home office, allowing us to transform it into a spare bedroom as required.