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Drolet Heat Commander Wood Furnace DF02003

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SKU DF02003

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Product Description

Drolet Heat Commander Wood Furnace DF02003

Product Description

Among the most efficient systems on the market based on distributed energy, the Heat Commander is a central heating system that is both cutting edge and accessible thanks to its innovative design and ease of use. EPA certified, its 310,000 BTU capacity makes this furnace versatile and ideal for heating spaces up to 2,500 ft². The Heat Commander’s overall thermal power is notably much higher than most comparable systems.

Result of our victory in an international innovation competition, the Heat Commander is the very first wood furnace on the market to offer Dual Fire© technology with a two-stage electronic combustion control. Find peace of mind with a self-regulated combustion that allows easy ignition. Its automated air supply and flame adjustment systems synchronize with your thermostat to offer additional safety, optimize comfort and reduce emissions with minimal maintenance.

  • Intuitive start mode for fast and clean ignition
  • Optimized combustion for low creosote formation
  • Uninterrupted heat with on-demand boost based on thermostatic demand
  • Among the lowest burn rates on the market (firewood savings)
  • Up to 10 hours burn time
  • 3.6 ft³ firebox
  • 21'' logs (loading over depth and width)
  • EPA certified
  • Proudly made in Canada
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Weight : 819 lbs

Included: blower, thermostat, hot air plenum, combustion-state indicator light, automated combustion control, ash lip, ash drawer, poker and scraper




Fuel type
Dry cordwood (16" recommended)
Recommended heating area (12) 1,000 - 2,500 ft²
Overall firebox volume 3.6 ft³
Maximum burn time (12) 10 h
Maximum input capacity (dry cordwood) (1) 310,000 BTU
Nominal heat output at 15lb/ft³ fuel loading density 75,000 BTU
Minimum overall heat output rate (7) 19,354 BTU/h (5.6 kW)
Maximum overall heat output rate (7) 47,052 BTU/h (13.8 kW)
Minimum average overall efficiency (HHV) (11) (10) 76.6 %
Maximum average overall efficiency (LHV) (11) (9) 82 %
Minimum delivered heat output rate (6) 13,297 BTU/h (3.9 kW)
Maximum delivered heat output rate (6) 42,234 BTU/h (12.4 kW)
Minimum average delivered efficiency (HHV) (8) (10) 60.7 %
Maximum average delivered efficiency (LHV) (8) (9) 65 %
Optimum efficiency (3) 83.20%
Optimum heat transfer efficiency 81 %
Average particulate emission rate (4) (5) 0.095 lb/mmBTU (0.041 g/MJ)
Average CO (13) 8.78 lb/mmBTU (3.78 g/MJ)
Average electrical power consumption (2) 330 W
Size Extra Large
High-efficiency certified appliance Yes, EPA 2020 approved
Certified according to applicable standards
By an accredited laboratory (CAN/USA)
Premium quality blower included (CFM) Included
Blower (hp | speed | CFM) 1/3 | 1 | 1,135
Stainless-steel secondary-air system Yes
Flue outlet diameter 6"
Chimney diameter 6"
Type of chimney
CAN/ULC S629, UL 103 HT (2100 °F)
Overall dimension (Width) 27 3/4"
Overall dimension (Height) 63 1/2" min.
Overall dimension (Depth) 51 1/8"
Evacuation direction Horizontal
Distance-center of the flue outlet to floor 37 1/8"
Distance-center of the flue outlet to side unit 13 7/8"
Door type Single, glass with cast iron frame
Door opening size (Width) 13 3/4"
Door opening size (Height) 10"
Glass type Ceramic glass
Glass surface - W x H 12 3/8 x 10 1/8"
Baffle type C-Cast or equivalent
Firebox size (Width) 18 3/4"
Firebox size (Height) 16 1/8"
Firebox size (Depth) 22 1/2"
Maximum log length 21"
Log positioning
Loading over width and over depth
Firebox lined with refractory bricks Yes
Steel thickness-top 1/4"
Steel thickness-body 3/16"
Filter - Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 15" x 20" x 1" (option)
Hot air plenum - Minimum height of the furnace with plenum
63 1/2" min. for 69" ceiling | 73 1/4" to 88" for a ceiling of 78 1/4" to 93" and more
Hot air plenum - Height (minimum - maximum) 22 3/8" x 26 7/8"
Canadian Standard (safety) CAN/CSA B366.1
USA Standard (safety) UL 391
Canadian Standard (emissions) CSA B415.1-10
USA Standard (emissions) EPA
Warranty Limited lifetime
Shipping weight

758 lb (344 kg)


Clearance To Combustibles

Country Canada United States
Clearance - Back wall of the blower box 14 1/4" 14 1/4"
Clearance - Side wall 11" 11"
Clearance - Opposite side wall 24" 24"
Clearance - Base of the unit to ceiling** 69" min. 69" min
Clearance - Plenum | Ducts to the ceiling 5" from the plenum | 1" from ducts
5" from the plenum | 1" from ducts
Clearance - Recommended distance for maintenance on option side 30" 30"
Clearance - Floor protection in front of the unit (from door opening) 18" 16"


The information given on the certification label affixed to the appliance always overrides the information published in any other media (owner's manual, catalogues, flyers, magazines and/or web sites).

Some appliances have been tested with a low ceiling. Before setting up your unit, refer to the installation manual.

  • Input value at 10 lb/ft³ fuel loading density and dry energy value of 8,600 BTU/lb.
  • Unless stated otherwise, measures were taken directly at the main power source and include all electrical components present in the appliance.
  • Optimum overall efficiency at a specific burn rate (LHV).
  • Based on delivered heat output.
  • This appliance is officially tested and certified by an independent agency.
  • Delivered: Remotely provided to other rooms through ducting at 10 lb/ft³ fuel loading density over one total burn cycle.
  • Overall : Radiated and delivered heat together at 10 lb/ft³ fuel loading density over one total burn cycle.
  • Efficiency based on delivered heat when allowing cycling from high to low burn to simulate thermostat demand. LHV % is based on manufacturer’s estimation.
  • Lower Heating Value of the fuel.
  • Higher Heating Value of the fuel.
  • Efficiency based on radiated and delivered heat when allowing cycling from high to low burn to simulate thermostat demand.
  • Recommended heating area and maximum burn time may vary subject to location in home, chimney draft, heat loss factors, climate, fuel type and other variables. The recommended heating area for a given appliance is defined by the manufacturer as its capacity to maintain a minimum acceptable temperature considering that the space configuration and the presence of heat distribution systems have a significant impact in making heat circulation optimum.


Product Documents

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Installation and Operation Manual

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