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Early Black Friday Sale| Use Code: BFCM5 for 5% Off On All Orders
Early Black Friday Sale| Use Code: BFCM5 for 5% Off On All Orders

Garage Storage Lift Platform 400lbs w/ Remote by Auxx-Lift 1400

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Product Description

Garage Storage Lift Platform 400lbs w/ Remote by Auxx-Lift 1400

Product Description

The Auxx-lift was designed to provide maximum storage, safety, convenience and a strikingly attractive design. We also eliminated the shortcomings of similar storage products such as low-quality components and safety issues. We use C-Channel beams and 1/4" wire mesh (on the platform).

It runs on standard US household power. The motor draws approximately 3.8 Amps. The 12 ft. long power cord can be plugged into the outlets placed in the ceiling for garage door openers or any other outlet

  • The mounting frame area on the ceiling that is required is 5
  • The Auxx-Lift has ceiling mounting struts that are installed across 3 garage ceiling's joists or ceiling supports (The long 8 ft. side is perpendicular to the joists). It is installed to at least 3 ceilings supports for extra redundancy. If you want the lift installed running with the joists you can purchase an extra hardware kit from our store.
  • The auxx-lift comes standard for floor-to-ceiling heights of up to 13 ft. We offer longer cables to accommodate up to 20 ft. floor-to-ceiling heights.
  • The minimum recommended clearance is 18 in between the garage door and the ceiling. 





  • Get more space and park your car 
  • Ideal for storing keepsakes, hobby - and sport gear items
  • Stores up to 400 lb fast, safely and easily
  • Beautify your home (Requires 5'x8' install area) 
  • Accommodates up to 13 ft. high ceilings
  • No lifting or ladders
  • 3/16” Steel aircraft cables with a 7200 lb working load
  • C-Channel beams, Spax®-Lag Screws
  • Incl. Phone support and step-by-step instructions
  • Our platform's hanging height from the ceiling is 1 ft. (Competitor's is 3-4 ft.)

Industry Leading Safety Features

  • No heavy lifting

    Eliminate the safety hazard of reaching up to grab heavy items. Per OSHA, fall from ladders is a major source of injury both on and off the job. A fall from any height – even one or two feet – could cause serious injuries such as bone fractures and head injuries.

  • Self-leveling Platform

    Differential motor technology automatically adjust the weight distribution throughout to keep platform nearly level even with heavy asymmetrically loading. The controller monitors weight on the platform and will prevent you from lifting/lowering items.

  • Tested to UL-Standards

    Auxx-Lift is the only lift that has been tested to the highest UL-Standard requirements with all components having a minimum Factor of Safety of 4x 


    Wirelessly controlled

    The Auxx-Lift comes with an easy to use wireless remote control allowing you to lower/raise your platform from a safe distance.

    • Auto High & Low Points

      Programmable stopping points allow you to set high and low point parameters, prevent your items hitting the ceiling or floor.

    • Auto-Stop

      Lift will automatically stop in scenarios where remote control loses connection or runs out of battery.

    • Active-Press

      Button to move platform needs to be continuously pressed to avoid accidental damage or injury.


    • Master Remote
    • Keychain remote
    • C-channel support beams
    • 4 by 8 platform
    • Silver motor shelves 
    • Attractive grey-silver finish
    • Uses vinyl coated steel cables (rated a total of 7200 lb load capacity)

    Requires a 110V/120V outlet (Garage door opener, etc.) - power cord is 12 ft.

    Uses 1/4" x 3" T-Star Drive Grade 5 HCR Exterior Coated Washer Head PowerLags. (5'x5' mounting area required and 3 joists/rafters)



    • Model: Auxx-Lift 1400
    • Lifting Capacity: Up to 400 lbs
    • Max. Travel Distance: 16 ft
    • Min. stored height: 8 in

    Roof Support

    • Type:(2) 1 5/8" x 60" strut channel
    • Fasteners:(8) 5/16" x 4" SPAX© Lag Bolts
    • Mounting Area:5' x 5' over 3 joists/rafters
    • Cable:1/8” Vinyl-coated Steel 7x19
    • Cable Strength3:2,000 lbs

    Operating Requirements

    • Switch Voltage:110V / 120V
    • Transmitter:433.92 MHz
    • Electrical Cord:10 FT / 16 gauge / NEMA 5-15
    • Min. circuit size:15 amp

    Platform Specs

    • Thickness:2.5 inches
    • Support Frame:C-Channels (15gauge)
    • Face material:3 x 3 galv. Wire Mesh (4gauge)


    • Type:IP44 (T-Motor)
    • Rated Power:235 W
    • Rated Current:2.2 A
    • Voltage / Phase:100-120V AC / Single
    • Duty Cycle @ Max. Capacity:3 min on, 15 min off4


    Weight and Dimension

    • Dimensions:3ft x 6ft,
    • Weight:128 pounds


    Product Documents

    Installation Guide


    Product Warranty

    • 3-Year Warranty on all parts (Low-price part replacement with free shipping afterwards)
    • Fast installation (a modern garage in only 3 hrs.)
    • 180-Day Satisfaction Guarantee


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    B J Newbold
    Direction reader and follower required

    Direction are straight forward and all would have gone well had we hired a handyman that would have followed them. After correcting most of the errors and call tech support. We got it running.
    The left side seems to slip. I’ve had to adjust the weight load three time. I could not find a mention of load balance, but I feel it to be a major concern. I still need time to get a full comfort to the Auxx.